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Entrepreneurial Muslimah is a female faith inspired, business-building community that provides the support you need in your business so that you finally unlock your true income potential and amplify your impact.

No more overwhelm. No more going at it alone. No more wasted time, energy and money.

Just more clarity and more results.

Facebook Live Practices – Confidence Building

→ Many entrepreneurs fear getting visibile, they want to do facebook lives on their page and in their groups but they are so nervous and find it hard to press the live button so…

→ In order to truly make a difference and serve our members we provide a friendly comfortable sisters only group to practice their very first FB live with a lot of Likes & Hearts

→ Alhumdulillah many sisters are now becoming more visible, growing and serving their own tribe with their Video Messages

Emotional-Preneur – Managing Emotions & Leadership Mindset

→ As passionate female entrepreneurs we carry a lot of emotions and struggles to achieve our goals

→ The isolation of working alone often leads mental breakdown and self-sabotage

→, For this reason, we introduced Weekly Confidential EmotionalPreneur Support Calls – sisters come and release their emotions in a confidential

this is a non-judgement space we hold for each other, the calls are NOT recorded

→ Sister Oum Chouib from Serene Lifestyle Coaching leads these calls

Weekly – Zoom Video Business Support Calls – Come and seek advise

→ Every entrepreneur is at a different stage in their business journey, and since they are so involved in their business, they can’t often see where the next focus should be

→ The support office calls allows our entrepreneurs to come and ask a question and get moving taking action to progress

→ The calls are not recorded as we are holding a confidential space

→ (Bonus Sessions) since we are comitted to delivering excellence and making a real difference to sisters these are totally optional for sisters if they wish to attend them

Salam,  I am Razwana Yousaf

I am self-taught Award winning entrepreneur from Scotland, UK.    Most likely the same as you, who wants to live her ambitions whilst balancing, being a wife, mother etc

I had to drive 120 miles in the pursuit to learn entrepreneurship to a business incubator, I wanted to ensure I was running a highly ethical service based business and it was aligned with my faith.

Once my placement finished I went on to win a business award and it felt lonely again working from home.

So I launched this faith-based Virtual Community so we can connect and become virtual colleagues in an eco-friendly environment

I have now packed all my business, digital marketing and marketing knowledge in small modules to help any female entrepreneur to implement and grow her own business

This is just one of our Vip members, she shares the

opportunities she got as being a valuable member of Entrepreneurial Muslimah

Every entrepreneur takes what they need according to their

stage in business

We are so priveleged to be a part of each others journey’s.

Vip Member: Musart Ellaahi, London UK

We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated, Maya Angelou

As a valued entrepreneurial Muslimah vip Member

you’ll get immediate access to the things every online entrepreneur needs, including…


A female only, faith inspired and business support VIP group.

Our group is full of fabulous entrepreneurs who love to collaborate and help one another on a daily basis.

Razwana is actually active in the group, cheering and supporting you every step of your journey.

So if you’ve been looking for business owners who share your same devotion, work ethic and practice of faith, then look no further!


Want to practice your Facebook live in the group before going live on your own page? Done!

Need weekly reminders to practice your faith? Done!

Want to share your business links without being banned?  Done!

Want to collaborate, meet members from EM?  Done!

Your entrepreneurial Muslimah monthly membership literally includes everything you could possible need to keep you accountable and to give you the encouragement you need to finally get unstuck and move forward in your business journey


Our online learning hub covers marketing, mind-set, faith, personal development, Facebook ad training, outsourcing, goal setting and even graphic design plus so much more.

The learning hub is continuously updated with our latest trainings and market trends so you know you’ll always have access to first class training and experts. Oh the experts!

We have virtual experts who will come on live in the FB group to inspire you and teach you what you need to keep you moving and achieving milestones in your business.

Members get access to our VIP learning Hub full of Business

tutorials and resources to equip you in your busines growth

”Entrepreneurial Muslimah is the worlds first faith motivated female only business community”

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”

✨ Educate a woman, Educate a nation ✨

Creating a successful business is hard, it takes time, it’s an investment and comes with sacrifices.

So don’t waste another minute Googling another “how to” or spending more energy, time and money on trial and error because you’ll end up resenting the business you so passionately created.

Join the world’s first female faith inspired business membership community. Prices due to go up!

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