How often do you feel that when you want to do some work that something is stopping you? When was the last time you decluttered your home or your work place? Is it hard to feel motivated to get on with your to do list, that is if you have made one. As we go about our lives we have the habit of hoarding and keeping things that are no longer necessary in our lives any more. We will keep old papers, broken bits of old things or even those ripped up bank statements lying around the house. Working day and night at our day jobs trying to achieve that one dream that we feel has been written for us. But then we blame everything or anyone that we are unable to get to do what we wish to do.

Like I have learned and teach others is that nobody other than “ourselves” are to blame for whom we are and what we do. Now ask yourself how do you feel when you walk into your home, room or even your work place? Does your environment make you feel frustrated or annoyed? I have personally felt and read about all the successful entrepreneurs that organising your physical life has  a big affect on your mindset and goals. If you think about it when things are done or when small tasks are achieved we feel so much better and feel amazingly ready for the next task. In this way if we organise our physical life our minds will be more focused and we will find better ways in achieving our dreams.

Steve Jobs had the habit of keeping things in a neat pile, and painted everything white. He felt that when things were white and clean, his mind was clear to think up solutions for the next uprising problem. Now look at it logically, when you look at the most successful people or high class business people, not only are their offices or homes so gorgeous and expensive. But everything is so beautifully organised. It doesn’t mean I am asking you to spend so much money to get the feel of a successful person or to achieve a clear mind.  I have now got myself in a habit and I actually don’t feel at ease until everything in my home is tidy and organised. I feel a massive difference in my mindset and all the problems that I have at that time always find a solution. I can think more clearly and everything is easily put into perspective.

Tips On How to Organise your Life

  1. Reorganise your home from top to bottom. When I say reorganise I don’t mean go and start buying so many new things or changing your rooms around or even decorating unless you want to. What I mean is to start throwing away any things that you no longer need. Be honest with yourself, do you need the 1984 outfit? Do you wear it any more? Are you using it or is it just taking up space? No, throw it away! Holding onto old things won’t allow you to mould yourself into a better person.
  2. Once you have thrown away so many things that you no longer need. You may notice that you have a lot of space, doesn’t mean you go and buy more things! Enjoy the space to play with your ideas and dreams. I know there may be a few things that hold memory, keep the most important things in a small box and other stuff take a picture of it and keep it as a memory.
  3. Organise your things in a way that are easy accessible. Use old boxes and labels and make a place for each thing you have. This will make cleaning so much faster because everything will have a place. You will no longer spend all that time cleaning and you can get other members of the family to take part.
  4. When you have organised your home to your satisfaction your mind will instantly feel lighter, things won’t seem so annoying anymore, frustration will be a thing of the past. Organise your work place or keep a small area to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a office, but just a small place where you keep your vision board or vision sketch book or any thing related to you.
  5. Get a planner and plan your day the night before. Plan your outfit the night before and anything that you will need for the following day, will not only save you time, but give you a peace of mind and a bigger step towards your goal of getting things done.

The above changes can be quite daunting to start with but when you start you begin to realise how much stuff you have been hoarding and how much lighter you will begin to feel in your new found space. The feeling after will be of rejuvenation and freedom. When we make space only then we can manifest new things in our life.

“A good order shortens the goal.” 

Courtesy of Motivation with Musart

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