We have all heard the old saying
‘Birds of a feather flock together’ numerous times in our lives but what really,
If any, is the weight in this maxim?

This is the focal point of today’s discussion.

Many times in life, you meet someone and something ‘clicks’ and within minutes or perhaps hours you reach the (very rarely accurate) conclusion that you have found a kindred spirit. Sometimes, on further meetings, during deeper discussions with this mental mirror you have found you realize that the important things, the ones that really matter to you and to them are so very different that every other likeness falls sour.

So why does this matter? Why do you need someone like you around? Surely to be a sentient intelligent being should mean that you could enjoy another’s company divorced from their personal opinions?

The answer to that is, you can. You can enjoy their company, sure but tell me, when a time comes when something occurs, something for which you immediately turn to that superficially similar yet profoundly different person you have found and kept close, will they run the risk of sacrificing their own values and morals? No, they will not.
The Human, inherently selfish creature that he is, isn’t built that way.

Therein lies the crux of the matter.

It is essential, almost imperative that the people who surround you, who you call your support system, who you depend on, are like-minded, simply because any other life model will fail.

So why?

Why the need for any like-minded support system at all? Why can’t you just live without one and go on?
The answer is… Success!

Success at home.

Success in business.

Success, basically, at life. At first glance, they may seem like disparate concepts but I assure you they are so very deeply cohesive.

Whenever you start something new something as simple as an unconventional way to tackle a difficult assignment at the office or anything you do out of the ordinary, what stops you?

Usually, it is fear!!!

In some cases, of course, it can be pure indolence but that’s not a trait of the people we are discussing here, people with a drive, with ambition, the desire to start something new, to achieve the impossible, to traverse the figurative Mount Everest of our lives and come out triumphant! What stops them?

Fear. Fear stops them.

Fear of the unknown, fear of consequences and frequently, too frequently, fear of people.

What will people say?

Will they consider it a futile effort and ridicule me if I fail?

What will people say?

No matter how much we wish it weren’t so, that we were impervious to derision, that we could take the idiom ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me ‘ and wrap it around us like a cloak of impenetrability it is not that easy, and sooner or later the words will bring you down and very soon you will stop innovating, stop trying, and consequently stop succeeding.

So, onto the most important point of all – how can you fix this?

The answer is to ‘surround yourself with like-minded people.’

Now you see?

Positive people, people who will listen to your plans to revamp the commercial sector and understand and appreciate your impulse to reach out into the market and grab what’s up for the taking, who will hear of your ambition and be inspired so you raise each other up higher, these people are the key to your success.

Go out and find them. That’s the essence of the virtual support we have put together for you!

Help people escape the cloud of hazy mediocrity, to allow you make of yourself all you deserve to be.

Keep these people close, soar on the wings of positive energy and reach for the stars you were always destined for.

Come and JOIN our likeminded community of Entrepreneurial Muslimah’s to be apart of each other’s journey
In-Sh-Allah – See you inside.

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