You have decided to open your own business, or maybe you have
changed your career, and now you are taking the leap into
But you are wondering why are you stagnant in moving forward
into the big launch? Why have you not set a date? Could you be
Many thoughts, doubts and big feeling running through your
Am I capable of this? Am I ready yet? What if it fails? What if I
don’t get those six figures everyone else seems to have? Can I
afford to move forward?
Now you find yourself caught up in worried, insecure thinking, and
frozen in fear.
Perhaps you have invested lot’s of money, maybe even spent it all
on that one program. Or that one program that seems to keep
leading to that one more before I get there.
Maybe you put complete reliance on that one ‘guru’ who seems to
have it all, and got caught up in some ‘shiny people syndrome’.
Putting them on a pedestal, running after what they have or
promise, all while losing sight of your own goals, values, and
reliance on only Allah.

Whatever it is that you think has held you back, it’s time to break
It’s time to master your emotions, turn back to complete reliance
on Allah, and take back your direction while keeping your sanity.
The most important thing to remember, is that no matter what has
happened, or what could happen, you only have now. So any past
regret, or even worrying into the future of the what if’s…and
painted pictures we create for ourselves will not serve us. All the
fearful thinking, disappointment and self doubt, will not serve us.

Before we continue on, take a moment to turn to Allah subhannna
wa ta’ala, purify our intentions in our business and ask
forgiveness from Allah. Make istikhaarah….always keep making
istikhaarah with every choice you make. The power of du’ah, don’t
ever underestimate it, or forget it. Ask Allah to bless this launch
for you, to bless your business, to bless you with knowledge that
is beneficial, sustenance that is good and deeds that are
acceptable to Him. Thank Allah The Most High, and rely only on
Him. Ask Him for guidance, and for truth.

The best lesson I can share with you…..

We are living in the experience of our own thinking in this
moment. All our feelings about what has happened, the
experiences, the people, the frustrations, and the
disappointments. Or what will happen after my launch, the
worries, and the fears. Or the now, the doubts, the insecurities,
and the overwhelm. Are all created from our thinking in the
moment. They don’t come from anyone or anything else, no
situation, no circumstance, no person or guru, nothing in the past
or nothing in the future is creating these feelings for us. All our
feelings are being created from our thought in the moment, 100%
of the time. I am not saying we don’t experience, I am saying how
the experience is created. This is a simple truth, when we are
caught up believing other than that we are innocently caught up in
a misunderstanding. But to master our emotions we must first
break through this illusion. This is where we find ourselves being
stuck, and caught up in our own ego. It is easy to fall into
misunderstanding, we all do. But being aware and experiencing
this truth is freeing, and life changing.
So here we are stripped down from what we have created on our
very own that held us back. Purifying our intentions, and relying
on the One who created us.
It’s time to move forward, to take our direction, to put our trust in
Allah and be the entrepreneur Allah blessed us to be. Giving, and
earning for His sake, and pleasure.


I want to give you some ideas to stay afloat and keep your
direction, and integrity, while you move forward and launch your
Here are some simple suggestions to stay on track.
1- Listen to your intuition.
You may have a lot to still learn and experience, but always pay
attention to your own wisdom in what you choose.
2- Take time for you, take care of yourself, nurture your physical,
mental and spiritual self. Seek balance and always keep this as
3-Surround yourself with people that are truly there to empower
and support you not only in your business, but in your faith. Seek
out the friends, fellow Muslim entrepreneurs, and business
programs who align with your own values and direction.
4- If at all possible invest in personal coaching. This coach can
help support you and keep you accountable to yourself with your
direction. An experienced coach can help you work through any
stuck thinking going on. Helping you stay on track, move forward,
and master your emotions along the way.
5- This is most important….we made a choice to launch our own
business, we prayed istikhaarah on it and we have a direction.
But remember it is a direction. The Qadr of Allah is what prevails.
So if a door may close on the way, trust and always believe that
an even better one will open.

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