Entrepreneurial Muslimah

Entrepreneurial Muslimah is open to all female Entrepreneurs that wish to earn money in an ethical manner, they want to surround themselves by sisters with passion, vision and goals.

School leaver to a prestige ACCA (PQ) Qualification  – Self Starter!

I have come from a belief that in order to be credible, you must have an academic background or be born into a rich family.

Because of this belief, I decided to study AAT & ACCA and it was so difficult to sit these exams as I was 8 months pregnant with my first child and running a family whilst working full time.

I wanted to prove to myself that I am capable, and show my coming child that he/she should work hard in life.

I achieved my goal of becoming a Part Qualified Accountant and acheived my set-out ideal Salary. After working with a lot of graduates, I realised I had the practical know-how than a lot of traditionally educated people. And also realised that education is not everything in order to be a success.

First Business – Muslim Matchmaker

After having my second son, I desired to start my own business but I had no business experience and no expertise. My mum and I had been helping my family and friends find a spouse, and I naturally fell into the role of Muslim Matchmaker.

All I had was my inner-passion and with my own determination it was a huge success.

I became overwhelmed and felt a huge sense of responsibility for the individuals I was working with. I had sleepless nights, I was sacrificing my time with family and friends.

On the surface, my business was booming, and everything was great. But, inside I was self-destructing.

As I became successful, I started comparing myself to other people who were doing the same thing. I took what other people did on the surface and aspired to be like them. Over time I learnt that what you see on the surface is often not representative of the truth. I began to feel that I was not being true to my faith and God, and I didn’t want to be that person. At this point I started questionning if I was being punished for charging for a service that was for a good cause.

“He who obeys Allah and the Messenger – such shall be with those whom Allah has favoured – the Prophets, those steadfast in truthfulness, the martys, and the righteaous. How excellent will they be for companions! That is a bounty from Allah, and Allah suffices to know the truth.”

(QS an-Nisaa’The Women: 69-70) [7]

Self Sabotage – Time Out – Depression?

God knows, call it what you want. All I can tell you, it was not nice…


Ramadhan 2015 – My Sacrifice

In order to get closer to my beautiful faith – I turned to Allah swt feeling over-burdened, stressed and depressed. I took Sheikh Muhammad Al Shareef’s course to find a better connection with god.

I stopped taking new clients. I had intentions to completely close the service but decided to wait for signs/ answers from God in the direction I should go.

I felt I found the powerful night of Laytul Qadr and poured my heart out. I was feverish, and I remember looking out the window and seeing the sky glowing with a radiant of orange.


I asked God to give me clear signs I should continue with my business or not, and if only to grant my Duas if I do not compromise anything for my hereafter.

Duas I asked were:

Your usual, pray for your family, friends, the Ummah, to be able to abide by the 5 Pillars and of course for Jannah.

I told God I need specific signs whether I should continue my business, and I will know the answers if I was to have the following:

1) Knowledge on maintaining and growing a business.

I wanted to ensure I run a business that conforms to the Islamic ethos.

2) Free office space specifically close to home as I couldn’t copy with the distractions of running a business from home.

3) I asked for a cash injection to build my business again if I received all of the above. Then I knew God had given me the right indication to continue my work.

4) I had asked for the best business mentors and support.

5) Courage to wear the Hijab/Head Scarf


Whilst still working part time, I joined a business incubator 120 miles away from home, and made fortnightly trips to attend business workshops. Since I had more time on my hands, I stumbled across and found a real passion for Digital Marketing.

Subhan’Allah very quickly my Dua’s were answered.


MyDua’ results Subhan’Allah ‘Barak Allahu Laka Fiha’

Think Big Award

I had to face a tough judging panel and won the first prixe of the Best Business Growth Strategy Award!!


Prize Money as part of my Award!

Free Office Space

Free office space at newly built business incubator less than a mile away from my house! A prayer room is located upstairs! Subhan’Allah!

Think Big

I won this award as I came up with the best strategy to expand my marriage service and make a greater impact for Single Muslims.

Selected to attend Scale Program

I won a free space at the Scotland Can Do Scale held in Stirling! This was to help us go from small idea to scaling your idea! I am now looking for a Co-Founder and investor for my Scale-Up Project, HalalProposals.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

This was one of the books that I learned business from and it really was a prayer and dream come true when I met Bill!

Best Mentors

I was fortunate enough to have my book signed by Bill Aulet Snr Lecturer from M.I.T. (You don’t need to hire millionaire personal mentors. You can read there books and benefit! only if you put the theory into action!)


Once my Duas were answered I realised I had been unfair to my soul and denied the nourishment it needed which can only come from Salah/Prayer.

DO NOT deny your soul for what it craves, please feed it with prayer and meditation. If you have no inner peace – beg your lord for it, surely he will answer!

Emotional Entrepreneurship

When I was thinking about the core message I wanted to share and teach via Entrepreneurial Muslimah, I had thought I would only give business marketing tips. But, I realised this is not possible. We are women with high emotions, anything can trigger us crashing and burning out. We have now included faith, spirtitual well being, business and a lot more!

I am so grateful that I got connected with Razwana Yousaf. All the pieces I was trying to scramble together to make my home business a success, she helped me put in line. Not only do I have more hope for my business, but I have greater future dreams for it. She understands business very well, and is the best guide I’ve had in the world of entrepreneurship.                                            Sakina Bint Erik

Why Entrepreneurial Muslimah?

I could have continued on with my marriage service alone, but I felt compelled to create a faith inspired Entrepreneurial Membership Site so no other sister had to go through the hardships I faced alone.

I want sisters NEVER to burn out and know they can achieve all they desire.

I want to share my new key business learnings through bitesize training modules for sisters to use and implement.

I will leave you with this message: Inspire to stay true to your faith to build your business and to overcome any limiting beliefs.

To be good in business, it does not mean someone has to lose in order for you to gain or win. God has predetermined your rizq and wealth!

I hope you join our community and I’ll look forward to meeting you inside.

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